“Wrapping” Up Christmas Preparations

Well folks, it’s finally here: the week of Christmas. Of course, I’m sure that there are still hundreds of thousands of Americans who have yet to start their shopping. I have fond memories of my dad taking me to Service Merchandise on Christmas Eve when I was little and saying, “Quick, pick something out for your mother.” While I’m generally not a procrastinator in most things, I usually do cut it pretty close on the holidays. Perhaps I crave the air of frantic energy emitted by people flying through the mall grabbing anything and everything just to have something to wrap? Or perhaps it’s simply that time seems to sometimes (always) get away from me. BUT this year, I am proud to report that my preparations for Christmas are done with days to spare. In fact, today, I went to Parker’s school to help his class decorate gingerbread houses.
Part of my readiness is due to the fact that I had to mail presents off this year since we’re staying put…and, if I’m being honest, the other part is that I used shopping as an excuse to put off work-related stuff that I really need to wrap up. Let’s pretend I don’t have any work to do, shall we? I’d rather pretend that my greatest task at the moment is preventing Parker from eating his gingerbread house. He’s clearly thinking about it in this picture below.
All of our presents are wrapped and ready for Christmas Eve night and I have all of the stocking stuffers purchased and separated by stocking. I must say, it’s much more exciting when someone else fills your stocking for you, but I wasn’t about to leave that task up to the Irishman. I probably would have ended up with gum and Slim Jims. Finally, I have both planned and shopped for our Christmas menu:
Brown-sugar glazed ham
Sweet potatoes
Mashed potatoes
Pineapple rings
Herbed green beans
Candied carrost
Mixed greens salad
Of course, the beauty of not having any company is that I can scrap that idea if I don’t feel like it and just serve burgers and fries instead. Ah, the beauty of staying home alone. It’s so freeing to not have a single item on the agenda other than “Watch Parker Play with New Toys.”
So for the rest of the week, I’m going to soak up the Christmas festivities, dig up our copy of “The Night Before Christmas” and grudgingly, try to wrap up my work so that I can be blissfully carefree when I fight Parker for the Hershey’s Kisses that are paving his gingerbread driveway.

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