Our Nintendo Wii: A Second Life

We’ve had a Nintendo Wii for over 3 years now, but strangely enough, it hadn’t gotten any serious use until last month when we were snowed in for about 10 days total. Aside from sledding and causing a general ruckus, we were desperate for Parker to burn some energy.
*Enter the Wii*
With Wii Sports and the Wii Fit (game and balance board), there were a ton of games that we could now play with Parker. One of my favorites for Parker is the running exercise where he has to run in place for a whopping 10 minutes (which is an eternity for a 4 year old). It’s easy to do and it’s pretty much the equivalent of doing 10 minutes of jumping jacks. It seriously wore him out!
When he got bored with the Sports and Fit games, he and the Irishman would play a Star Wars lightsaber game where they would try to “put to sleep” the bad guys. I’m not comfortable with killing games, so in Parker’s world, the saber’s were set to “stun” not “kill.” Or something like that.
Lest you think that the Wii is only for kids, I have actually been using it for a couple of weeks now to supplement my gym workouts. My tactic is adding a pair of 10-lb. dumbbells to all of the strength and aerobic exercises available for the Wii Fit game. It’s a nice morning workout and I can squeeze it in before classes in less time than it would take me to drive to the gym and back.
This weekend, I’m going to check out what other “games” are available for the Wii to see how we can maximize it’s use. After lying dormant for 3 years, I’m happy to say that our Wii was a smart purchase after all.

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