Winter Wonderland: Edition #1,286

When I insisted that we head out for the day yesterday to stock up on provisions and preempt our cabin fever, my husband thought that I was overreacting. He thought we might get a couple of inches, but he went to sleep last night with every intention of heading into work this morning as regularly scheduled. In fact, he even showered and dressed this morning before he even bothered to look outside.
I heard his exclamation of shock and dismay while I was still tucked warmly beneath my down comforter. I smiled smugly to myself and suggested he make use of his already dressed and showered state and start shoveling.
Then, I laid in bed quietly for another 23 seconds before Parker came in for his daily snuggle.
After internally gloating for another 10 minutes (snuggled warmly with Parker), I headed to the kitchen to make coffee and breakfast. I decided on Denver omelets accompanied by biscuits and gravy. It was the least I could do for my beleaguered husband who is probably going to spend the better part of the day digging us out from under the 12+ inches of snow while I take pictures from the coziness of central heat. Sometimes, being pregnant has some serious perks.

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