Greek Ingenuity


Every night, I challenge Parker to amuse himself for 30 minutes without using a screen (TV, Leapfrog, etc…) or relying on a playmate (i.e. one of us). I’m trying to get him accustomed to the fact that when his baby sister is here, there are going to be blocks of time when I can’t keep him entertained or change a game/show for him in the evenings.

It’s been an interesting experiment to see what he’s come up with. Last night, he turned the dogs’ food dishes into train tracks. By hooking one set of wheels inside the lip of the outer edge of the bowl, he could turn the trains on and have them ride around in circles.


Then, he would move the bowls closer together to see how close he could run them without crashing. Alternately, he would drag the bowls around the dining room using chairs and tables as obstacles. I think his total playtime with 2 dog dishes and 2 trains was 52 minutes. That makes this momma happy and a bit relieved that he’s content to play alone, albeit near me. Oh and if you’re wondering why I call it “Greek Ingenuity” instead of “Preschooler Ingenuity,” that’s because Greeks can’t help but take credit for all that is good and right in this world. Haven’t you seen my Big Fat Greek Wedding?


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