What’s For Breakfast?


It always seems like everyone moves slower on cold mornings. I have to virtually drag the Irishman out of bed (as he bemoans my cruelty) and Parker generally makes a mad dash from his covers to ours right around 7:00am or “Seven, Zero, Zero” as he calls it. As a result, breakfast preparations sometimes get the shaft. We had been alternating between a toasted waffle with natural peanut butter and Yogurt Cherrios (they’re pink, which is Parker’s favorite color), but I wanted to interject something a bit more hearty into the mix without adding a crazy amount of sugar.


I came across this Nature’s Path Organic instant oatmeal at our local grocery store last week. It has all natural ingredients and the sugar content is about 15 grams, which passed the mommy test. (20 grams is the limit for Parker at a single meal. Any more than that and I’d have to start bribing his teacher to take him in the morning.) We gave it a try this week and so far, everyone has been quite pleased.


It’s just sweet enough to satisfy Parker’s sweet tooth, but not so sweet that it turns off the adults in the house. I like the fact that it’s sweetened with pure cane juice, but still has whole grains. I think this is definitely one of those “crossover” products that parents can approve of and kids still feel like they’re getting a mainstream product.


After all, isn’t tricking kids into liking what’s good for them what parenting is all about? I swear, I sometimes feel like a used car salesman when I’m introducing a new food to Parker. “Wow, the color of this food is awesome and check out that smooth and creamy texture. I can’t wait to for you to try it out because I just know that you’ll love it!” Hey, it may be cheesy, but as long as Parker buys what I’m selling, I am one happy momma.


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