The Three Things I Miss the Most

While there are a ton of things that I love about pregnancy (feeling the baby kick, not having to suck in my post-dinner belly, feeling justified in putting my feet up for 6 minutes each night), there are three things that I’m eagerly anticipating once this baby girl makes her big debut.

1. Sushi. Whenever I see a platter of sushi or sashimi, I groan with longing. Being a pescatarian, sushi is absolutely my favorite food (as in I could happily move to Japan and eat it daily). So for me, going cold turkey on sushi is like a chain smoker cutting out tobacco or an alcoholic passing up a drink. It hurts. Bad.

2. Beer. Speaking of alcohol, I miss beer almost as much as I miss sushi. I have quite the stash going of brews that I want to try once my alcohol allowance is more than 2 ozs. at a time. For those of you who may be new to the dailycynema, please let me clarify lest you think that we live in a frat house. My husband is a huge beer connoisseur and one of things that we love to do together is to try new beers and go to beer festivals. Our formal dining room has been converted into our own personal tasting room and we have a 2-tap kegorator that we keep filled with local microbrews. I think part of what I miss has to do with the ritual of it all. Picking a beer, picking a movie, settling in the sip and enjoy…

3. Mega Workouts. I greatly miss working out until I hit total exhaustion. I am pretty good at exercising moderation in most areas of my life, but the one place that I move purely by instinct is in the gym and on the pavement. Working out for me is like going to church, therapy and to a day spa all rolled into one. I take all of my aggression, stress and frustration and I fuel it into my effort when I exercise. More importantly, I leave all that bad stuff there on the gym floor and come out on the other side feeling tired, but at peace.

I think that this is the one thing that I miss more than anything else. It’s pretty obvious to everyone who has to deal with me on a daily basis that I’m missing my daily dose of personal ass-kicking. As much as I try for zen and calm, I’m definitely more agitated and stressed out than I would be if I didn’t have to hold back during the few workouts that I still manage to get in. To make matters worse, I’m definitely hitting the point where no exercise is comfortable and walking any more than a mile or two is incredibly taxing.

So while I’m trying to bask in these last two months of my last pregnancy, I’m quite looking forward to having this baby girl in my arms instead of in my belly and once again finding the balance that I so desperately need to feel “normal.”


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