Hi folks. Well, it’s certainly been a week. I was at a conference last week, pulling my hair out trying to finish writing grant applications in between attending sessions and fulfilling work obligations.  I was frazzled, beyond exhausted and generally feeling pitiful and quite sorry for myself. Then I got a call on Sunday (or rather I called my brother and got the news) that my yia yia (my Greek grandmother and last remaining grandparent) had died an hour prior to my call. Funny how life has a way of putting everything into perspective.

I don’t do well dealing with (or not dealing with) grief, so please do not feel slighted in case I didn’t call to share our sad news. I generally just retreat further into my shell and wait for the worst of it to pass before tentatively examining those feelings. I think “denial” is an appropriate term for it, but at least I’m aware of it, right?

I got to speak with yia yia Stella last week when my mom was over in Greece. Parker and I called via Skype and as luck would have it, we caught her on her last “good” day. She was smiling and laughing at Parker, her only great-grandchild, and we were talking about our baby girl who will be joining us here shortly. It was good to see her face again and I cherish all of the summers that we spent together even though we lived thousands of miles apart.

Summer will certainly not be the same without her laughter and her presence, but I feel blessed that we got to have her around as long as we did. I’m also glad that Parker will have some memory of her, however faint. Farewell for now yia yia Stella. We’ll miss you.


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