Groundhog Day


Well folks, I’ve spent the better part of an hour scouring my brain, looking for something to write that isn’t related to pregnancy, birth or sleep deprivation…and I came up pitifully short. In fact, all I could think to share other than more pregnancy stuff were these photos of butterflies congregating around our blooming azaleas. Aren’t they lovely? I realize that the pictures have nothing to do with the post, but I felt the need to break up the baby-mania that has come to rule here over the last couple of weeks.


I guess that this is just the plight of a mother waiting for her latest addition to arrive. It’s as if the baby’s umbilical cord is actually hard-wired to my brain because every thought that passes through my mind is internally focused. I’m not sure I’ve ever been quite so attuned to every movement going on in my womb.It’s kind of tiresome, actually.

What’s equally tiresome is that my loving (and very eager) husband is watching my every move like a hawk. If I grimace slightly due to a strong kick or if it takes me a bit longer to roll off of get up from the couch, the Irishman is right there with an expression of glee. In his mind, my increasing discomfort must be correlated with her impending arrival.

To make matters worse, he has taken it upon himself to search for home remedies to induce labor. I know this because he suggests things like going for a nice 4 mile walk to have a spicy dinner at our local Mexican restaurant. Alternately, he offers to give me a foot rub and then starts poking about my Achilles heel like a pirate looking for treasure. When I ask him what he’s doing (other than trying to maim me), he causally mentions that he “heard” there’s a pressure point there that can start contractions. I’m not quite sure whether it’s cute or alarming that my husband has suddenly taken up an interest in midwifery.

Now that my due date has come and gone, every day has morphed into a repeating pattern of behaviors. Wake up, wait for the baby to engage in her morning gymnastics session in my belly, take a shower, repack my hospital bag and wait. And wait. And wait. Sure, I’m doing other things in the meantime (supervising presentations in my classes, playing with Parker, cooking dinner), but interestingly enough, I cannot do any task that needs complete focus of my brain. For example, I have a manuscript that I need to revise, but I can’t for the life of me start working on it. It just seems too trivial (and too mentally consuming) a task in face of the looming, “Is today the day?” question that is running circles through my head.

Thankfully, today is my last day on campus, so I’ll be able to successfully lay low for the rest of the week and dodge the “Is she here??” questions that follow me around continuously. I have a non-stress test scheduled for Wednesday afternoon to make sure that all is well and beyond that, my personal Groundhog Day continues until I can finally announce her arrival. As a good friend of mine recently stated, she certainly is learning the art of building anticipation!


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