A Tough Act To Follow

While I know that each child brings their own personality and energy to the family, I can’t help but look at Parker and think that he has set a very tough act to follow. Not only is he a sweet soul, but he has so much fun just living life. There is nothing “gloom and doom” about him. Thus far, four has been a wonderful age (food protests notwithstanding). His imagination is exploding and role play has become a part of our daily world. Take, for example, this turtle shell that he made in preschool. When I got home from work, he had been anxiously waiting for me like this.


Then, we had to play the guessing game of what animal Parker was. He decided to give me a hint. “Look mommy, you can now see my head and arms and legs.”


After playing along for a bit, I finally guessed correctly. I love that he congratulated me on my success.


I think that one of the best parts of having a kid this age is that they are so eager to let you into their world. I’m thankful for this time because I know that in just a few short years, I’ll probably be blown off in favor of spending time with his friends. But such is life I guess.


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