Scenes From Easter

This year’s Easter celebration was as American as you can get thanks to the fact that I was recovering from the delivery during the days that I would have been dying eggs red and going through the other Orthodox rituals. Thankfully, my mother-in-law was here to stop in and make the Easter fun happen.

The night before Easter, Parker got to dye eggs with a kit that was kid-friendly.




Then on Easter morning, Parker went on a hunt around the house to find all of the presents that the Easter bunny hid. I was still in bed with Lexi when Parker was running around the house, but I could hear his squeals of glee as he opened closets and rooms looking for his loot.



After the presents were opened, Parker and his Nana put together an adorable Easter Bunny cake.



After an Easter dinner of ham, potatoes au gratin, green bean casserole and cooked carrots, we all watched Parker play with his toys and love on his sister.


It’s hard to believe that next Easter, we’ll have a walker on our hands!


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