Staying in theme with my scattered brain and scattered schedule, I thought that I would post a series of snapshots today showing what’s been happening at the homestead lately. *Hint – it hasn’t been working up new recipes or exercising.* We are firmly in family mode here and probably will be for another 3 weeks or so until I get the all-clear to reenter the land of the fit.

Snapshot #1: Eyelashes to die for.


I have no idea where Parker got such luscious lashes, but I have never seen such thick lashes occurring outside of a Maybelline commercial. It seems to always be the case that boys inherit the traits that girls pay good money for. I was always green with envy over my brother’s green-gray eyes and I gave my mother a serious guilt trip for gifting her eyes to Dean and not to me.

Snapshot #2: Drunk at the milk bar.


This picture cracks me up – the milk drunk expression, the milk trail oozing down her cheek, the pudgy double chin – it’s all too funny. I hope that she doesn’t have a similar picture 18 years from now (replacing milk with a wine cooler) after a college frat party. Yes, I am already stressing about that.

Snapshot #3: Cooking with Yiayia


Parker is quite the helper in the kitchen. In fact, he refuses to be exluded from any baking activity that takes place. It’s a good thing that his yiayia is quite skilled at showing little hands how to make koulourakia (Greek cookies)!

Snapshot #4: Living in the rainforest.


After the barren branches of winter, our yard and garden is exploding with greenery and color. Our mountain house is wrapped up like a cocoon and I couldn’t be happier. While I love the fall colors best, there is something magical about the richness of late spring and summer in the North Carolina mountains. I’m so glad that we’ll have the whole season to take the kids outside and play before cooler weather arrives.


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