Annual Photo Books


Up until last year, most of my digital pictures remained in a digital format. While I was good about editing them and sharing them here on my blog, I was horrible about printing them. I got the idea to make a photo book for our families about 3 weeks before Christmas this year because frankly, our parents don’t need any more “stuff” and I was plumb out of ideas. They are, however, crazy about their grandchild (now grandchildren!) so making a photographic summary of our year seemed like a good idea.  I was right – it was a hit!


This past week, I decided to retroactively go back all the way to our 2006 pictures (the year Parker was born) and to start compiling a photo book for each year. I used for our first photo book and I stuck with them for the other four that I made this week. I was in a hurry to get them done this week because I received an email offer for a 20 page photo book that was $15, which included shipping. The regular price is $30 and shipping and handling runs $7 (so $37 total per book), so I definitely wanted to take advantage of the offer (you could order up to 5 books).


What I love about creating photo books is that you get to pick the style and the format of each book. You can have some pages that only have a single photo or that have upwards of 10 photos. You can also choose to include text on every page if you like, but I generally prefer to simply include the dates and let the pictures do the talking. One of my favorite things about photo books (and albums) is talking about when each picture was taken and recapping that particular day or trip in its entirety.


From this point onwards, I’m going to add pictures to my Snapfish album on a month by month basis and our parents have already been informed that this will be their annual Christmas gift from us (which they’re thrilled about). I can’t help but think of how cool it will be to have a lifetime collection of the kids’ lives year by year. Just think of the length of the wedding slideshow I’ll get to put on!


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