Party Like it’s 1799…


Holy smokes, what a week! We had a series of bad storms come through the mountains and by the end of the week, we had been without power and water for 3 days and nights. After 48 hours, the power had come back on for one night before the next set of storms wiped it out for another day.


During this period of time, it wasn’t hard to imagine what life was like around these parts 200 years ago. Sure, we retained a number of modern conveniences (like the generator that helped save the food in the fridge and our gas stove that cooked our meals), but we lost a number of things that we rely on daily in the modern world, like electric lights and indoor plumbing to flush toilets! The solution to that was that either you relieve yourself outside (we have 6 acres and no neighbors), you go down to the creek and fetch a pail of water to pour into the back of the toilet or you drive into town to use a public restroom (which is way more effort than fetching water from the creek).


Since it was mainly Lexi and I home alone for the duration of the week and I didn’t have access to the Internet (and thus couldn’t do work or check my email), I spent most of my day reading (while she napped) or hanging out with the girlie on the back deck.


I finished three books in three days. It was almost like a vacation!


With regard to the absence of electricity in general, this house is very well lit by natural light during the day, so I didn’t have a need to turn on lights and as soon as it started to get dark inside, the Irishman and I went out to the back deck to have a beer and chat. The lack of air conditioning wasn’t a problem either. The storms kept the weather very agreeable (highs in the upper 70s and lows in the 50s) so that open windows and doors were better ventilation than any AC unit. We’re at an altitude of 2500 feet, so it’s always cooler up here and in fact, a large number of houses in this region don’t even have air condition.


Of course, if Parker had been here, it would have been infinitely more difficult to keep everyone happy. He isn’t much in need of electricity as he is of a playmate and with Lexi needing near-silence to sleep (she has a very sensitive startle reflex), this momma would have been stressed out.


Thankfully, he’s been having a blast at his “beach house” (as he like to call the in-laws’ beach condo) and as you can see by Lexi’s pictures above, we managed to pass the time without any difficulty. The only concessions we made were heading over to a friend’s house (who had power) to snag a shower and do a load of laundry. After all, it’s one thing to play “pioneer woman” by peeing outside and spending my days reading, but it’s another thing entirely to wash our clothes by hand with creek water. There isn’t enough booze in the house to convince me that’s a good idea.


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