This Week’s Menu

Thanks to the crazy weather and power outages over the last week, I am quite behind on just about everything (work, laundry, Words with Friends,…). As a result, I planned this week’s menu with level of ease and speed in mind. For breakfast, I’ve been sticking to either 2 hard-boiled eggs with a bowl of fruit or Greek yogurt topped with natural granola. Both options keep me full until lunch and since I lost another .9 lbs. this past week, I’m not messing with my caloric intake much. It seems that I’m right where I need to be to stay on target.

– Mozzarella, basil and tomato panini (my version of a glorified grilled cheese)
– Mediterranean bulgur salad (I’m still not sick of it!)
– Tuna salad Salad (a house salad with 6 oz. of tuna salad on top)
– Hummus, cucumbers and feta in a whole wheat pita

– Black beans and brown rice
– vegetarian lasagna
– Shrimp pasta salad with buttermilk-herb dressing (I’m obsessed with this dish)
– Baked salmon with a dill-mustard sauce with steamed broccoli

Well, I’ve fallen short of my target number of workouts yet again and I’m starting to wonder if I simply set the bar too high. I’m going to cut myself some slack for the next 2 weeks and try to find my rhythm again on July 1st when I’m neither teaching nor prepping classes. My new mantra in the meantime is, “You will get there again.” I keep reminding myself that I didn’t start training for my first marathon until Parker was 16 months old, so it’s okay to take it slow in these early months. Easier said than done, Eh?


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