Right Now…

Parker is soaking up these last couple of days with his Nana while Lexi and Payton are also getting in on the love.


A mother Carolina Wren is staring me down because her babies have hatched and her nest happens to be hanging less than 2 feet outside of my back door (which we go in and out of only 183 times a day).


Did I mention that she built her nest in my hat?


A bunny (formerly named Peanut, now named Mr. Fluffy Tail) is playing bunny roulette in the backyard. The rabbit waits until the dogs are out and when Nona gives chase, Mr. Fluffy Tail zips away. It’s kind of like being at the track.


A family of Blue Jays have taken residence in our pear trees. I thought only partridges lived in pear trees? I don’t think I even know what a partridge looks like. I’m not even sure this is a Blue Jay.


The menu is up and tonight’s Taco Bar was super delicious.



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