Holiday Weekend Wrap Up

This past weekend, one of my best friends, Meg, came to visit the zoo.


Parker enthusiastically indoctrinated her into the culture of Angry Birds (his favorite iPad game) and she also met Miss Lexi for the first time. Even though I warned her of the cuteness overload, I don’t think one can be fully prepared for exactly how sweet this child really is.



I think it’s safe to say that she’s officially smitten. Oh and see that darling yellow outfit up above? That was Meg’s when she was a little girl. It fit Lexi perfectly.


And this ridiculously cute outfit was courtesy of my brother and his girlfriend, Marissa.

It was perfect for her first 4th of July. I think I’m starting to get into the fun of dressing up little girls (but *shhhh*, don’t tell anyone). We made two attempts to go shopping downtown (on Sunday and Monday), but would you believe that all of the shops were closed both days?? As was the only liquor store in town! Boggles the mind – good thing we have a keg-o-rater. The two things that we did accomplish downtown was that we finally saw the completed renovations of the old courthouse (now library)…


…and Lexi took a nap.


Other than that, we pretty much just hung out around the house, squeezed in a workout, ate some good food (if I do say so myself) and alternately entertained and pacified the 2 cats, 2 dogs and 2 kids that complete our very own Noah’s Arc. While the dogs, cats and kids mourn the departure of a beloved weekend guest, I’m sure that right about now, Meg is cruising down the highway with the music blaring and reveling in the feeling of blissful aloneness that one can only get without children hanging from your limbs and other various body parts.

P.S. The menu will be up just as soon as I figure out what I’m feeding the troops.


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