Smoky Mountains and a Cup of Joe

Before I moved to the mountains of North Carolina, I never knew why they called them the “Smoky Mountains,” but it was immediately clear on our first morning here. Since that Fourth of July morning just over two years ago, each morning has dawned like this:


Unlike the hot Florida mornings where the sunrise is dramatic and immediate, the mountains awaken at a much slower pace. The picture above was taken at about 8am, a good two hours after the sunrise. The fog or ‘smoke’ slowly gets thinner as the morning progresses until the sun finally makes its presence known.

Each morning, I allow myself to linger over one mug of coffee on the back deck before my crazy day commences. It’s a luxury I don’t take for granted. I enjoy that peaceful time alone so much that my mug of choice has slowly increased in size until I’m now drinking out of this behemoth, which holds about 24 ounces of joe.


While it doesn’t look that large on the table, here’s a picture of me holding my Grumpy mug.


Hey, it’s still technically one mug of coffee, right? These days, I can use all the peace (and caffeine) I can squeeze in.


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