The Flock Has Flown

When you live in the middle of nowhere and you don’t have broadcast television, life’s dramas tend to unfold in your own backyard (literally). For the last several weeks, our entire household had been consumed by Nest Watch 2011. Ever since we discovered that a Carolina Wren had created a nest in my bucket hat hanging outside of the back door, we’ve been monitoring the nest and sympathizing with the joys (the eggs hatching) and tribulations (a snake eating one of the young) of the parent birds.

Well, the fledglings have now joyously flown away and the nest sits abandoned. However, there’s one member of our family who simply cannot believe that the bird saga is over.


Poor Payton. He literally sits there for hours on end, every single day, staring at the nest with his one working eye, waiting for a bird to appear. He simply cannot comprehend the fact that the birds he was watching for the last month are now gone. It’s both cute and painfully pathetic at the same time. I’ve tried to coax him away from there, but I think he’s convinced that if he stares at the nest long enough, a bird will materialize.

Perhaps he isn’t quite ready to say goodbye to his daily ritual. Or maybe he’s just slow. Either way, it’s still pretty sad.


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