Tervis Tumblers! My New Favorite Cups

A couple of weeks ago, I was at a friend’s house having a glass of water after our morning walk. The first thing I noticed about the cup was that, even though it had ice in it, there was no condensation on the outside. When I commented on that fact, my friend, Kim, couldn’t believe that I didn’t own any myself. Apparently, the cups are called Tervis Tumblers and every self-respecting Floridian should own one since they’re manufactured there. How I went 32 years without knowing about these cups is beyond me, but as soon as I got home, I ordered some for our house. It’s safe to say that now, I’m a little bit obsessed and here’s why.

1. As I mentioned above, they do not sweat. Like, at all. Considering the number of glass rings I have on half the furniture in our house, this is definitely a good thing.

2. They have a lifetime warranty. If they ever break or start collecting condensation, just send in the broken cups and they’ll ship you new ones. For real! The cups aren’t cheap, but with little ones around the house, I’m happy to pay for something that is guaranteed to be virtually indestructible.

3. They can be used for hot and cold liquids. Stop the presses! As soon as I saw that, I bought the largest size they had (24 oz.) to use as a coffee mug while I’m teaching. I have been lamenting for years that I couldn’t find a travel coffee mug bigger than 16 oz. that fit in my car cup holder. My plight is over and my caffeine addiction remains sustained. I don’t need to tell you how happy this makes me.

4. They have lids and straws that fit. I could lie and say that I’m happy about this for Parker’s sake, but the truth is that I’ve sent no fewer than three cups (filled to the brim with water) flying across the table in the last month.

5. They’re cute! They have more design options than you could imagine. As you can see in the picture at the top, we went with monogrammed cups so that each family member has their own. Parker picked the black font for the Irishman and I (in the 16 oz. cup size) and he picked the pink font for himself and Lexi (in the 10 oz. cup size) since pink is still his favorite color. Not surprisingly, he also selected the pink straw in our multi-color straw package. I’m curious to see how long he claims pink as his favorite color in the face of society’s dogmatic feelings about boys and pink. More power to my little guy! Okay, back to the cups. I’m seriously considering buying some customized tumblers specifically for the grandparents to use when they’re here since we’re constantly playing the game of “Who’s Cup Is This Anyways?” whenever they’re in town.

As an aside, here’s an email exchange between the Irishman and me that I initiated when the tumblers were delivered:

Me: “Our Tervis tumblers arrived!! Parker is going to LOVE his cup and now you don’t have to drink out of the crappy plastic ones anymore. Plus my new 24 ounce coffee cup is INSANE!! Yippee! PS – Is it weird that I’m so excited about cups?”

Him: “A little weird.”

What’s comical about the above is that this is a typical exchange between us. I’m like a Jack Russell terrier of excitement (about cups, trips, new recipes) and he is like Droopy the dog – completely unfazed. How he can sit there so stoically in the face of such excitement boggles the mind.


One thought on “Tervis Tumblers! My New Favorite Cups

  1. Courtney July 19, 2011 / 12:08 pm

    LOL that looks like an email between me & my hubby, I get overly excited about the simplest things . 🙂 Oh & I love to use the exclamation point!!! 🙂

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