Deck of Cards Workout

This is a workout that I dug out from the bottom of my swimming bag and the only equipment that you need is a deck of cards. It is super simple, but a killer! First, shuffle your deck really well. Then, pick out 2 exercises. I usually do push ups and sit ups, but you could do squats and sit ups or if you have hand weights, squats and bicep curls.


Sticking with my example of sit ups and push ups, this is how this works:

Black cards = sit ups
Red cards = push ups

Starting with the top card, the color and number will designate which exercise you do and how many of it you’ll do (face cards = 10). Flip over one card at a time and keep going until either your 25 minutes runs out or until you run out of steam.

If you want to get fancy, you could pick 4 different exercises, one for each suit of cards and the variety of exercises is nearly endless.  This is an easy way to stay fit on the road (or in your living room)!


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