My Farmer’s Market Menu


Every weekend, our routine revolves around a trip to the Farmer’s Market. Even though we live in a comparatively small town, our little market is a great place to stock up on produce for the week. You can also find local honey as well as homemade goodies and crafts.


This late into the market season, I have my favorite vendors for different produce. I buy my tomatoes and peppers from one farm and my green beans from another.


Once we get home, I lay out all of my produce and start to brainstorm about what I want to do with it.

Since I’m entering the second week of my vegan challenge (and the boys are going beef-free), it took a bit longer to come up with my menu, but I stuck mostly things that I already know we like. Here’s what I came up with:

For lunch:
Mediterranean Bulgar Salad
Pasta Salad (recipe to come this week)
Hummus pita sandwiches (recipe to come this week)

For dinner:
Chicken and veggie kabobs
Fasolakia with potatoes
Chicken with Mushroom sauce and roasted Brussels sprouts
Turkey burgers and roasted asparagus
Stuffed Peppers
Black bean burritos with guacamole

Since it’s a long weekend, I’m going to spend the rest of this afternoon prepping our meals for the week. The Bulgar salad is already made and the pasta is cooking for the pasta salad. I’m also going to get the chicken marinating for the kabobs (which I will grill up tomorrow) and I’m getting ready to make the hummus. By doing all of this today, I’ll be able to take a load off tomorrow and enjoy some well-deserved family time to say nothing of how much time I’ll save during the rest of the week.


2 thoughts on “My Farmer’s Market Menu

  1. Kerry Davies (@thelovebump) September 4, 2011 / 4:05 pm

    Awesome Market!! Go You for going Vegan… I have a friend who is vegan, I always thought she was hungry, but she eats non-stop! Love the pics of the produce, who wouldn’t want to eat that? 🙂 xx

  2. Kasey September 6, 2011 / 10:11 am

    I made your Mediterranean Bulgur salad last night to have for lunch this week. I do love it so 🙂

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