My Love of the Library


Every weekend of middle school, I would ride my bike to the local library. Before going in, I would swing by the candy store in the adjacent strip mall and load up on sweets that I would hide in my backpack. I would then spend the entire afternoon sitting on a comfy library chair, munching on Jelly Belly jelly beans or Twizzlers while voraciously reading the latest teen novel that I was engrossed in. That library was just about my favorite place on earth and reading was just about my favorite thing to do.

This past weekend, the Irishman and I finally decided that Parker was responsible enough to have his own library card. We had been anxiously awaiting the opening of our new county library (which is the old, historic courthouse) and now that it was open, I wanted Parker to get that same excitement that I had when contemplating the endless possibilities of worlds and stories that I could get lost in. He is very close to reading on his own (he knows all of his letters and he can read simple words) so the time is ripe to instill in him an appreciation for reading and the virtues of the public library. So, after we finished our shopping at the farmer’s market, we walked over to check out the library.

Walking up to the new library, we noticed this engraved marker in the grassy area next to the main entrance. Isn’t that neat?


The layout of the new library is great. The children’s section is on a whole different floor from the adult selections and is complete with a play area for babies and a family restroom. Here is Parker checking out his options.


The children’s area also has computers set on low tables and loaded with educational games.


After the boys picked out some books to read, Lexi and I headed out to spend the next hour on a balcony rocking chair overlooking the mountains and our small downtown (I took this picture as we were leaving, but the balcony wraps around the entire library).


Once Lexi’s nap time was over, we went back inside just in time to see Parker get his library card and check out with his selections (2 books and a DVD).


Finally, here’s our big boy with his new library card and his first library books!


As a professor, I still spend a great deal of time in libraries, reading and researching my various areas of interest. I know without a doubt that my love of learning began the very first time I set foot in a library and realized that all of the knowledge in the world was right at my fingertips; I only had to find the right book to begin the journey.


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