Small Town Football

Up until last weekend, I had never been to a small town football game. In fact, the only collegiate team that I had seen play was Florida State. In case you hadn’t heard, we’re kind of fanatical about them.

As you can probably guess, FSU only plays in stadiums that seat about 80,000 fans, which isn’t exactly an “intimate” venue (unless, of course, your idea of intimate is being well acquainted with your neighbor’s armpits). So, last weekend we decided to take Parker to his first college football game right here in town and in a word, the experience was delightful!

First and foremost, $15 a ticket got us seats in the 4th row of the 50 yard line. Unreal!

We were so close to the field that we could literally see the expressions on the player’s faces as they made tackles close to the sidelines.

Parker was excited because he felt like he was really a part of the game and the Irishman and I had a great time explaining what each call meant.

As a bonus, it was a balmy fall evening and the mountains around us were lit up with the glow of the sunset.

While we left the game in the 3rd quarter (it was past my bed time), we were chagrined that it took us over 2 years to make it to our first local game. With that said, I can guarantee you that it won’t be our last. Who knew that football could be so enjoyable without 80,000 screaming and inebriated fans?


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