The Sibling Chronicles

Someone, please pinch me.

Never in my wildest dreams could I have imagined how much these two kids would love each other.

Lexi adores her big brother and just lights up every time he comes home from school. In fact, when she was restless the other day, I played some videos of Parker for her and not only did she settle down, but she started laughing and reaching towards the computer. I don’t blame her – he is one silly kid!

Parker, in turn, loves the attention she gives him and he readily includes her in games. He is also the first to point out when she reaches a new milestone (like when she can grab or spin a toy that she previously had trouble with).

He also loves that she learns from him. For Parker, Lexi is a welcome part of the usual family shenanigans that go on around here.


Despite the alarmed look on her face, I swear she was having fun before I took this picture!

While I know that their relationship will go though ups and downs over the years, I can’t help but relish these early days when they are genuinely appreciative of each others’ existence. Lord, let it last!


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