First Solids. Lord Help Me.

I’m not going to lie, I am not ready to start feeding my baby girl solid foods. I mean, she was just born! She can’t possibly be ready for solids. The other day, I literally had to count on my fingers to confirm that she was indeed turning 6 months old this week. It just doesn’t seem possible. Now, before you think that I’m one of those nuts who wants to keep their children infants forever, that is not the case. I actually love watching them grow and learn and all that jazz. I know that people say this all the time, but the past 6 months have literally flown by.

Well, the reality is that whether or not I am ready for solids – Lexi is showing all of the signs that she is. So, I ripped the Band-Aid and we dove into the world of mashed bananas.

“I’m ready, mommy!”


“Yum, food!”


“Um, mom, you left a little something in my mouth.”


“Here, let me give it back to you.”


(Parker was not in a very good mood that morning – look at that mug- , but we called him over so that he wouldn’t miss Lexi’s first official high chair feeding.)


Pretty soon, he got into the spirit of things. We were all cracking up over the faces that Lexi was making. In the below picture, she actually managed to swallow a little bit and didn’t know how she felt about that.


These kids are seriously too cute for words…even with food hanging out of Lexi’s mouth!


Stay tuned for more chronicles of the disappearing first year of Lexi’s life. Perhaps if I just hold her forever, she won’t get a chance to start crawling…


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