My Momma Has Skillz

Please explain to me how I didn’t know that my mom knew how to knit until after Lexi was born?! This revelation came after I showed her a knit bunny hat that I bought. She looked at it, turned it around in her hands and said, “I can make that.” Twenty-four hours later, she had yarn in hand and was knitting away and Lexi had her first two handmade hats within the week.

Fast forward to last month, the Irishman came across a knit Yoda hat. Knowing Parker’s Star Wars obsession, my mom got right to work. Then this morning, look what arrived in the mail. Matching Yoda hats!

Cute, we are.

What’s more, she also sent Lexi this Princess Leia hat! You wouldn’t believe the laugh we got when we first put this on her.


I am a member of the Rebel Alliance...

A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away...

Finally (and to make sure that each child received an equal number of hats), she made Parker this seriously cool dinosaur hat.

How cool is that? I wonder what other skills she’s been hiding from me all of these years.


One thought on “My Momma Has Skillz

  1. Kasey October 27, 2011 / 4:02 pm

    Those are seriously cute. And the hats are too ;-))

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