Halloween…Again and again…

Who knew that celebrating Halloween was an endurance sport?! In Florida, we celebrated Halloween on the actual day itself (i.e. today) and had a single evening of trick or treating. I’m not sure if this is a function of living in a small town, but we’re currently on day 4 of Halloween festivities! I’m not sure I’m cut out for so much socializing celebrating. First, Parker’s school had a mini-parade and a party on Friday evening where the kids dressed up and ate pizza and danced to the Monster Mash…

…then on Saturday, we took Parker-stein and our little ladybug downtown to go trick or treating from one business to the next (which is kind of a local tradition).

That was about 3 hours worth of craziness, but Parker had a great time. The one problem we had was that it was C.O.L.D. The Irishman and I were not dressed appropriately (it was in the low 50s and windy), so we decided to head back to the house around dinner time to fuel up on real food and to get warm. By the time we got home, we realized that we only had an hour to burn before we needed to head out to our friend’s annual Halloween party. While it didn’t start until 8pm, there were going to be lots of kids there, so we thought that we’d go ahead and chance keeping the kids up past their bed time. While I’m not usually one for throwing them off of their regular schedules, I figured that it was okay to walk on the wild side just this one. I’m such a rebel, I know. While we had a fun time, it was pushing 11pm when we finally got home and I was beat.

So yesterday (technically day three of the Halloween festivities), I was supposed to take Parker to a trunk or treak/holiday festival at a church downtown. When the time to leave rolled around, I just couldn’t do it. I was totally spent from running around like a maniac all day trying to catch up with chores around the house (since we had been out of town last weekend and playing all day Saturday). So, I took Parker on a “hike” instead (although we didn’t technically leave our property, there’s a lot of acreage to explore here). Here are some pictures from our driveway.

 In case you were wondering: (1) yes, Parker is wearing his PJs on our hike even though it was only 4pm; (2) that black thing in his hand is a homemade light saber; (3) in the bottom picture, he’s lying in wait to ambush any “bad guys” with his paper light saber; (4) I was wearing my PJs too. Good thing we don’t have neighbors!

Hopefully, this week’s agenda includes a whole lot of nothing. I’m sure that a couple of mini Snickers bars pilfered from Parker’s candy bucket will assist me in that endeavor. Now, to make a grocery list and get back to my regular senior citizen schedule!


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