Just A Random Thought. Or Three.

I realize that craziness has become par for the course around here, but this week has definitely been crazier than usual. I blame it on the counting, sorting and hauling of 1200 pairs of shoes across state lines. Speaking of which, while I’m gathering my thoughts about the experience of hosting and hauling shoes for the shoe drive, I thought I would post a quick update on other Daily Cynema happenings.

1. Lexi got her first tooth (!!) just a couple of days after her 6 month check-up and then promptly got her first cold, courtesy of having an older brother in preschool. While she’s been wanting to be held more than usual, she’s still her sweet, smiley self. Bless her heart!

Look, a tooth!

As an aside, I can’t tell you how hard it was to get the above picture. Never mind the fact that I was trying to wield a heavy camera with one hand, I also thought that taking the photo while she was in her bouncer was a good idea (hence the blurriness). Clarity of thought has certainly been in short supply these days, that’s for sure.

2. See this outfit? It was the first thing I bought for our baby when I found out that she was in fact a ‘she’ almost exactly a year ago. It remains the only pink thing that I have purchased in all of the months since. That’s probably because everyone else has bought her pink things in spades.

As an aside, you can clearly see that the Irishman is still offending me on a regular basis with his garishly yellow Steelers shirts that show up in 92% of the pictures that I take. If you see a smoke pire coming from our house, you’ll know that I finally lost it and burned those suckers. As an aside to my aside, how well does cotton even burn??

3. Parker and Payton continue to be comrades. In other words, Parker still thinks that Payton just wants to be near him out of kindness while Payton still thinks that I’m going to let Parker feed him yogurt.

Did he drop anything?

It’s a relationship shrouded in both innocence and deceit. The stuff of novels, really. Except that it’s about a boy and a one-eyed cat instead of star-crossed lovers. As an aside, I’m really not making any sense today. Please excuse me while I search for my lost train of thought.


One thought on “Just A Random Thought. Or Three.

  1. evie November 10, 2011 / 9:16 am

    Love all the pictures!!!

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