No Place Like Home for the Holidays…

For the first time in a long time, I spent the last week almost completely unplugged. I was so mentally and physically burned out from my long conference away from home that I just needed to step away for a while and be a hermit.  And by being a hermit, I mean that I read the entire Hunger Games trilogy in 72 hours and minimally interacted with other humans (except for the children of course). It was just the break from socialization that I needed and I’m finally able to rejoin the world of the social networking.

Did you all have a nice holiday? Our Thanksgiving was pretty low key and my parents came into town to celebrate with us. I can’t tell you how thrilled I am that we didn’t have to travel at all during the holiday weekend.

Lexi and Pappou

Additionally, I managed to only flip out once or twice as a result of having other people in my kitchen. That’s a new record for me! No matter how hard I aspire to be laid back, it’s simply not in my DNA, so the best I can do is try to control my need to control (try and wrap your brain around that one). That process is aided greatly by a nice Cabernet Shiraz blend. Thanksgiving is the only day that my mom doesn’t give me the stink eye for opening a bottle of wine before 2pm. Trust me, it’s medicinal.

This year, we had some of our friends join us for Thanksgiving dinner (don’t worry, I did my flipping out before they got here). They have a 3-month old baby girl (Lexi’s future BFF) and it’s so easy for us to go to each other’s houses because we both have all of the baby gear already on hand. In fact, their baby girl went to sleep in Lexi’s swing almost as soon as they arrived. And Lexi? Well, she napped in her favorite spot when the time came.

When both girls were up, they had some “play” time. It’s so funny seeing babies together.

Gimme that hand.


 You’ll notice that Parker has not been seen up to this point. That’s because we allowed him free reign of the iPad on Thanksgiving (to keep him out of the kitchen) and he roped in one of our friends to assist him in his train track building game. They were outside for well over an hour, but thankfully the weather was nice.

What’s funny is that as I was downloading pictures for this post, I realized that I didn’t take any photos of the food! That’s probably because I was in the kitchen being a freak about getting everything ready, but it goes without saying that we ate well. It also goes without saying that based on the amount of leftovers still in my fridge, I need to start freezing some stuff asap.

Over the next couple of weeks, I’m going to be wrapping up my semester and getting ready to fly to Florida (by myself with both kids!) for my holiday break. The Irishman will follow along by car a week later with both dogs. I’ll have almost 3 weeks of fun in the sun before we make our way back to the mountains around New Years Day. While we definitely won’t have a white Christmas this year, I’m willing to trade shoveling snow for dipping my toes in the ocean just this once.


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