7 Months and Counting

As I’m sitting here watching my baby girl sleep, I can’t help but wonder where the last 7 months have gone. I mean, I can still remember the first minutes of her life like it was just yesterday.

Then before long, she was holding her head up like a champ at just one month old.

She was such a mellow baby, that two months had passed in no time at all.

Now here’s where it gets weird, I have no recollection at all of month three…

or month four…

Since those two months were my summer vacation, they all blur into one very long day. And then it was time to start my fall semester and my brain started keep track of time again. Shortly after classes started, Lexi was five months old.

And then the weather turned cooler and I reluctantly started feeding her solids because she was ready even though I wasn’t. Here she is at six months.

And now, my little munchkin is eating 3 meals a day. Three large meals a day. This child can put away an entire pureed apple and half a steamed sweet potato in a single sitting. But the good news is, at least she looks well fed.

Before you know it, she’s going to be crawling and walking and talking…but for today, she’s still my little snuggle bug who prefers being in my arms to anywhere else in the world and for that, I am eternally grateful.



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