Getting Back On The Wagon

Someone famous once said, “Life gets in the way of the best intentions.” At least I think someone famous once said that, but it’s completely possible that I just made it up. Regardless, it is unequivocally true. The past 5 weeks have been outright dismal with regard to exercise and healthy eating. And by dismal, I mean that I think I only ran twice in all of November. And my eating habits? Well, let’s just say that I had two white chocolate macadamia nut cookies for breakfast yesterday.

I considered not even mentioning it and just getting back on the wagon quietly, but that wouldn’t have been very honest to all of you…or to myself for that matter. So here I am, hanging my head in shame. In non-exercising, poor eating shame. There is, however, some good news. I can change that pattern in a heartbeat. All it takes is making the right choices, one day at a time and I will be back to feeling like my old self in no time. While I managed to not gain any weight (and I actually lost a couple of pounds thanks to nursing), I feel lousy. I have no energy, I’m bloated and I’m sleeping in way more than usual. Blah!

So here’s the plan. I’m giving myself the rest of the week to wrap up classes and to get packed for our trip to Florida. Starting Monday morning, however, I have no excuses for not working out at every opportunity. I’ll be on holiday break until 2012, I’ll be in sunny South Florida (so no snow) and I’ll have my parents to watch the munchkins while I strap on my running shoes and head out in the mornings.

It’s going to be great and I know that I will feel like a million bucks after one week. In the meantime, I better pack some ice packs and Advil. I’m going to need it!


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