Lexi’s Baptism

Hi folks! I hope everyone had a merry Christmas! Things are just starting to calm down here at my parents’ house. We spent most of last week preparing for Lexi’s baptism (which happened on 12/23) and then we rolled right into Christmas preparations. It was a bit much. With that said, her baptism was a beautiful ceremony. If you’re not familiar with the Greek Orthodox baptism ceremony, you can read about it here. In Greece, baptisms are as important as weddings so the ceremony itself is intricate and longer than most Christian ceremonies.

Here are pictures from Lexi’s ceremony. Her Godparents are my cousin and his wife. They did such an amazing job and all of the details were perfect!


One thought on “Lexi’s Baptism

  1. evie December 30, 2011 / 8:39 am

    Congratulations to Nono and Nona and to proud parents. I m very sorry that I missed the ceremony, but I enjoyed the pictures, everybody looks so nice and very special Parker when he kissed his sister hand!!!

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