Last night, I was tired. So very, very tired. The kind of tired that seeps into your bones and each step feels like you’re dragging a brick behind you. As soon as the kids were asleep, I grabbed the iPad, snuggled into bed and prepared to catch up on the latest season of Grey’s Anatomy. Just as I was about to start an episode, I noticed a spotlight coming through my bedroom window. There’s just one problem – the closest street light is more than a mile away.

That meant that the light could only be coming from the moon. I had a moment’s hesitation before going to investigate further. I mean, my bed was warm, the complicated relationships of Seattle Grace Hospital were beckoning and I was really freakin’ tired (did I already mention that?). But, a full moon this bright can only mean a clear night and I can’t remember the last full moon that I was awake to see.

So, I grabbed my camera, dragged my lazy self out of my warm, cozy bed and stepped out into the cold night to see what nature had in store.

The cold toes were worth it.


One thought on “Moonlight

  1. Jenny February 8, 2012 / 2:25 pm

    I have wanted to get a picture of the moon setting just over the mountains from my backyard, but I am never awake at the right moment to catch it. I saw it once, and it was beautiful, but haven’t caught the right moment again. Some day. Your picture is amazing!

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