Valentine’s Day

Generally speaking, I’m not a fan of this lovey dovey holiday and last year, I wrote an entire diatribe about what a disservice we do ourselves when we buy into the Hollywood, commercialized idea of love. This year, I’ve decided to be less philosophical about the whole thing and I even lifted my moratorium on present giving. Crazy, I know. In full disclosure, I only did that because I found an awesome deal on archery lessons and I couldn’t wait to share it with the Irishman. We’re both fascinated by weaponry of all kinds and I knew he’d love going on a date where we get to shoot things. Well, we’ll be shooting targets, not things. Or animals. Or people. Aren’t you glad I cleared that up?

Any who, back to the gift giving. Don’t worry, I gave him plenty of warning about the entire gift giving thing so that he didn’t feel bad for showing up empty handed. Even though I’m totally okay with that, I knew he would have felt reeeeallly bad about it. In classic Irishman fashion, he stepped up and bought be a fancy SD card for my camera as well as a lens cleaning kit (he knows me well and wouldn’t have wasted money on flowers or cards). We actually got to exchange presents this morning and spend some quality time with our munchkins because nature complied and gave us a present too.

Yup, that’s right. We got a Valentine’s Snow Day! So, I pulled out all the stops and made store bought cinnamon rolls. Popping that can open and dyeing the frosting pink was hard work! Here are the cinnamon rolls cooling off on our window buffet.

While I felt slightly guilty by cutting a few corners this morning, I don’t think that Parker minded one bit.

My fervent wish in life is that this sweet boy always remains this easy to please. Happy Sugar Day everyone!



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