Day Three of Sleep Wars: Who’s on First??

First of all, thank you all for the support. You guys rock! I appreciate all of your messages, texts and words of encouragement. I realize that in the grand scheme, this is going to be just a blip on the radar of our parenting journey (and frankly, I feel a bit silly chronicling the whole thing on the blog), but right now, it feels like this big, insurmountable thing that we have to get through. I think that’s because I was just plain scared of the process. It just goes to show you that fear in and of itself can be a big, ol’ hindrance to progress.

Yesterday was interesting. First of all, Lexi didn’t go down for her morning nap until 12:15pm! Historically, she’s taken a nap from 9:30-about 10:45, so I was surprised to see that she dropped that nap entirely. The optimist in me wants to think that she’s napping later in the day because she slept better the night before. It could be true, right? Regardless, she did both naps in her crib, but neither was longer than 45 minutes.

Last night, I put her into her crib awake. She wasn’t closing her eyes yet, but she was very still so I knew that she wasn’t too far off from sleep. The Irishman went in there a couple of times to lay her back down (she kept pulling herself up), but after about 10 minutes, she was finally asleep. This is the part where it gets fuzzy. I thought that she slept from 8:30-11:15pm, but my husband swears that he came in to shhhh her once during that block of time. It could be that she went back to sleep so easily that it didn’t register with me. Then, from 11:15-12am, she was awake and fussing on and off. She would doze off and then wake up voicing her displeasure for 30 seconds before dozing off again. I finally nursed her at midnight and she fell back asleep 2 minutes later and slept for 4 hours straight. Score!

This is where it gets interesting. Parker came into our room around 3am and the Irishman and I both sprung out of bed to make sure he didn’t wake up Lexi (her crib is right by the door). The Irishman took him back to bed, but 30 minutes later, he came back in. I walked him back to his room and did our “nightmares be gone” ritual, which involved spraying Monster Repellent (air freshener) into his closet and under his bed. As an aside, that’s a trick I picked up from my mom who used to spray hairspray around my room to keep the aliens out. Well played, mother.

Okay, so of course, 30 minutes later when the clock chimed 4am, Lexi is back up. This time, I stuck to my guns and put her back in her crib after I nursed her. She shook her little fists at me for a minute as I was patting her back, but she had drifted back off to sleep before I had even tucked myself back into bed. She woke up again at 6:15am, the Irishman brought her to bed and she slept in between us (not nursing) until Payton the Cat barged in at 7:15am for his brekky. The only reason he was able to do this is because we had left our door cracked for Parker since he makes so much stinkin’ noise trying to open our bedroom door. Naturally, Payton thought that the open door was his invitation and in he came, announcing his presence loudly. We grumbled about it, the Irishman kicked him out, and we got about 30 more minutes of sleep before Parker was up and ready to go. It was his daddy’s turn to get up with him, but Lexi was up 30 minutes later (are you noticing a theme here?) so we all just got up. I went straight for the coffee and then came in here to update all of you since I know you’ve been on pins and needles about this. Ha!

So, the Day 3 Wrap Up: She was in bed 12 hours, woke 3 times, nursed twice. This was a marked improvement from the night before and I am hoping and praying that over the next week, we can knock out one (or both!) of her nighttime nursing sessions and that one day, she may blessedly sleep the entire night in her crib by herself. I still think that this is a parenting myth, kind of like the not-picky-eating-toddler, but I will be the first to scream from the mountain tops (literally) if Lexi accomplishes this elusive feat.


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