Lexi’s Big Day

For Lexi’s birthday, we got her a pony.

Just kidding! As luck would have it, Parker was invited to a big birthday bash (4 kiddos teamed up to have one huge Carnival-themed birthday party) on Lexi’s actual birthday, so we headed off to the mother of all kid parties on Saturday night. They had pony rides for the wee ones…

Onwards, horsey!

And horse rides for the older kids.

Lexi decided to say hello to this big fella.

Are you still taking pictures?

Naturally, Lexi eventually hopped up with her big brother for a photo op. (As an aside, I’ve started shooting in full manual mode on my camera and I had the ISO set too high for the picture below. I’m bummed that it’s so over-exposed because it’s a great shot, but alas, this is how I learn to get better at photography.) 

Our friends’ property is simply gorgeous. Their house is set in a valley (with their horse pasture), yet they’re surrounded by mountains. Everything is so lush this time of year.

They also have a creek running through their land and the kids were racing rubber ducks by dropping them in upstream and then chasing them down while shouting encouragement.

The birthday girl was having a great time and looking as cute as ever. I guess her daddy is kind of cute, too.

And Parker ate cake. It wasn’t Lexi’s birthday cake (which will come next week at her little party), but cake is cake and Parker is not one to complain about where it came from.

Lens note: all of these pictures were taken with my new 24mm lens. It’s sharp, it transitions well between landscapes and people and it focuses very quickly even in low light conditions. I love it and can’t wait to take it to Greece with me.


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