Lexi Meets Birthday Cake

Okay, so here’s the deal. I originally wasn’t going to plan anything for Lexi’s birthday. I mean, she won’t even remember this birthday, right? I thought that I’d just make her a cupcake, we’d sing “Happy Birthday” and then go about our business. But then two things happened: (1) I looked through the photo album of Parker’s first birthday, and (2) mommy guilt set in. Turning one IS a big deal. Celebrating life IS a big deal. And getting together with friends? Well, it’s something that I need to get better about doing instead of playing hermit.

So, we had a little-ish get together for Lexi’s birthday with 10 adults, 6 five-year-olds and 4 infants. It was total craziness and total mayhem and a total blast. I think what I loved the most about it was how great our friends are and how accepting and normal they all are. In this context, normal means real. The littlest kids alternately laughed/cried/squealed, the bigger kids played/ran/screamed/destroyed/laughed/ate and the biggest kids drank. It was wonderful and no one got bent out of shape about any of it.

Like at most parties for a one-year-old, Lexi met a slice of cake for the first time ever. I want to thank the Irishman for capturing most of these pictures since I was slicing and serving cake for the masses. Looking at these pictures, I feel like I was standing right there the whole time instead of running back and forth to check on her cake progress. For the record, I think one of my favorite things about these scenes is the beautiful chaos in the background. I didn’t crop the pictures because I didn’t want to lose the “feeling” of her crazy little party.  And her expressions? Priceless.




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