Our House

For the last 28 years, our house has been a work in progress.  You would not believe what it looked like when my parents first bought it, but once my mom saw this view, she had to have it.

It’s a good thing that they got it at a bargain price (due to the state of the house) because pretty much every square inch of the house has been redone.

The progress had been slow going and for the longest time, it felt like it would never end. This was partly due to fact the village is extremely remote. We don’t even have an address here!

Last year, they finished the last major steps (replacing all of the doors/windows and reconstructing the upstairs balconies) so this is the first year where no major house projects have been planned.

That’s not to say that there still isn’t work to be done (in the picture above, you can see the unfinished area below the white balcony, which will eventually be made into two additional rooms), but for now, things can stay as they are.

Three fruit trees on the lowest level of the house – cherry, apricot and pear.

Not only is it a relief to my parents that they’re not having to deal with construction during their vacation, but it’s nice that they can finally enjoy the fruits of their labor.

The downstairs balcony.

I have to say that I am so greatly indebted to them for their efforts because this piece of land is my favorite place on earth and so long as I’m able, I will come back summer after summer so that my children can appreciate and enjoy it as well.

The rose garden in the front yard, planted in 1992.

It may take them 20 or so years to really understand how lucky they are, but this is their legacy, too, and I hope that one day they’ll realize that.


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