Eat, Love, Beach

So remember how I shared with you what an incredibly picky eater Parker is? Um, yeah, Lexi does not share that particular trait. In fact, this child will eat anything and everything. From grilled fish to fried zucchini, if she sees something in your hands, she wants it. I cannot tell you how incredibly relieved this makes me. While she still keeps me up half the night, as least I don’t need to fight her on the food issue. Well, at least not yet.

Speaking for Parker’s food issues, he’s actually done surprisingly well during this trip. His logic will astound you – since he’s Greek, naturally, he should like Greek food. And just like that, he’s eating everything in sight. Gyro, souvlaki (seen below), crusty breads, fish soup (!). You name it, he eats it.

I’m blown away that he doesn’t even complain about the visible seasonings (like oregano), which are a major issue back in the States. I’m not sure if this little food love-fest will last, but hey, I’ll take it while I can!

In other news, we’ve all been recovering from a wretched cold. This is the first day in three that my head doesn’t feel like it’s about to explode and thank goodness that I brought Boogie Wipes for the kids noses. Not wanting to miss too many vacation days, I doped myself up on cold meds (since Lexi is thankfully weaned) and I still took the kids to the beach. I don’t know how they do it, but even when they’re coughing up a lung and snotty-nosed, they still manage to have the energy of 5 healthy adults.

Part of the reason that I couldn’t miss a beach trip is because Parker was very proud of his new bathing suit – a new Speedo.

He took one look at the local kids in there’s and he decided that he was incredibly overdressed for the beach in his swim trunks. I know one thing, this kid will never have to worry about fitting in. More power to ya, little buddy.


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