Here Kitty Kitty

Like clockwork, our arrival on the island is met by a host of cats. Usually, we’ll pick two or three to “sponsor” for the duration of the summer. If we try to feed more than those select few, it becomes a turf war and the resulting cat fights always upset me.

One of the cats that we adopted (or that adopted us) was pregnant when we got here. Naturally, she got instant favoritism from one mother to another and she comes to collect her meals first thing in the morning and right after our afternoon naps. When she’s not hungry, she hangs out in my mom’s flower box (much to my mom’s chagrin).

My mom was terrified that she was going to have her kittens right there in the flower box, which Parker thought would be “very cool.” When she disappeared for a couple of days, we thought that she had finally given birth and we were right! She finally came back (looking much slimmer) and we’ve made sure to give her a big breakfast every morning since. Momma has some babies to feed!

The second cat that we’re feeding is mangy, has recently given birth and is incredibly scrawny. She’s my mom’s personal favorite since she was clearly very hungry before we got there. Unlike the other cat, who is very particular about her meals (only cooked meat), this one will eat absolutely anything (raw fish, potatoes, pasta). When we get our fish from the fish monger, my mom has him give us all of the entrails and heads that he was going to throw out so that we can give it to the mangy cat. She’s filled out quite a bit since we’ve been here. I don’t have a picture of her because she’s very shy and by the time I open the door to get my camera, she’s taken off with the fish entrails.

The third cat that comes by occasionally is a tom cat. While I usually favor the female kitties, this one is very clever. Check out how he comes and goes from our house.

Did you spot him? He loves to climb the wall right next to our house. Here he is disappearing through the neighbor’s railing.

While I’m only here for a month, my parents have explicit instructions to keep leaving out our leftovers until they leave in September. Hopefully, three months of solid meals will help them survive the harsh winter. As an aside, my cats at home always look so incredibly fat and lazy when I get back from summering with the cats of Greece. Admittedly, Payton is fat and lazy in actuality, but the contrast is amplified like you would not believe. He could use a summer or two here to slim down!


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