Mosquito “Nets”

While I normally love going out to eat in Greece, it is quite a chore to do so with Lexi. I had always heard that girls are generally less active than boys, but that is not the case with little Miss Lexi. She is always on the move. Seriously, getting her to sit still for five minutes is almost unheard of, particularly without the aid of restraints (like a car seat). While we almost always have her stroller with us, if it isn’t moving, she screams like a banshee.

Unfortunately, most tavernas (restaurants) in Greece are not easy places to have a baby roam. They’re often flush against the water with uneven ground and one of us has to be chasing her at all times. Frankly, it’s exhausting. Still, I wanted to head out to get some of my favorite dishes, so we packed up the kids and off we went to the closest big(ger) village. When we got to the taverna, I stared in disbelief when they brought out a proper high chair.

At last, we were going to strap in Lexi and have a proper, low key meal. The sunset was gorgeous behind us…

…and the food looked great! There was only one problem – the dang mosquitoes were out of control. It was so nerve wracking seeing them on Lexi and Parker and to feel them on myself. Of course, I had chosen that night to wear a strapless shirt so I was fully exposed to their feasting. In a moment of desperation, I spotted a shop across the way that was selling scarves. Thinking fast, I sent my mom over to pick a couple up so that we could protect ourselves against the ravenous beasts. Thankfully, Lexi had a long-sleeve cardigan in the diaper bag, so it was just Parker and I that needed covering.

Armed with our makeshift mosquito nets, we managed to enjoy our meal and afterwards (when the night fell and the mosquitoes tucked in for the night), Parker turned his scarf into a wrap that reminded him of Kung Fu panda.

He proudly wore it like that for the rest of the night. Whatever other problems I might eventually have with Parker, I highly doubt that self-esteem issues will be among them. He definitely marches to the beat of his own drum.


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