I Jump, You Jump, We All Jump…

All of the folks who have houses near us in our little village have been here for a long time. They’ve watched each other’s children grow up and they send each other Christmas cards during the holidays (my dad relishes in torturing our German friends with pictures of sunny Florida in the middle of winter). We may be a random mix of Americans and Germans and Greeks, but more than anything, we’re friends.

When we first brought Parker to the island five years ago, our German neighbor behind us (and closest friend) brought over a baby cot that he had for his son and a barrel of toys. As Parker has aged, so have the deliveries. This year, a couple of days after our arrival, we came home from dinner to find a skateboard and a trampoline in our front yard. It was a gift form a different set of German neighbors and it’s one we are really grateful for – it’s provided countless hours of entertainment. See for yourself!

Hey, what about me?!

Can you guess what Parker wants for his birthday?


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