One of the first things that the Irishman wanted to do when he got here (after stuffing himself silly with every food imaginable) was to go on a hike of the village so that he could see the changes.

It’s been 5 years since he’s been here – the trees (that were damaged in the massive fires during the early 1990s) have grown, houses have been built and new people have arrived. This was also Lexi’s first visit so we wanted to make sure that we documented her first hike here just like we did Parker’s.

It was a warm day, so we waited until near sunset to head out. It took us about 30 minutes to make it to the “nose” of the mountain opposite ours. On a gorgeous day, it’s definitely worth taking 10 minutes to soak up the view.

The Irishman walked ahead of us a little bit and was preparing to ambush Parker. Good thing I saw him first since Parker was likely to bolt right off the side of the mountain! (Parenting Tip: It’s probably not a great idea to climb rocks with a baby strapped to your back. Don’t be like the Irishman.)

On the hike back, we saw sheep.

Lots of sheep.

Are you eyeballin’ me, boy?

Parker was delighted to be eyeballed by a sheep even though it kind of freaks me out when they have that crazy-eye look. We got home just in time to for happy hour and to see the full sunset. And boy, was it a spectacular one.

I am going to be sad to leave later this week.


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