Hunting for the Lagoon

Yesterday was a day of exploration. Previously, my mom had mentioned a lagoon that see had seen from a boating excursion around the island. It was a perfect oval and the water in the lagoon was the lightest of aquamarines. Unfortunately, she didn’t know exactly how to get there and the guidebook we had said that it was unmarked. So, we set off to go to the nearest village to ask for more specific directions.

We stopped at a beach near where we thought the lagoon might be and I asked the person who ran the drink stand if she knew how to get there. She looked at me and said, “What kind of car are you driving?” Her first question should have tipped me off that this was going to be no easy trek. When I told her that we have a Jeep, these were the directions that she gave me:

“Go about 2-3 more kilometers, pass the Aeria Hotel, make a right on the second road. Then you’ll go down, down, down, down. After that you’ll go up, up, up, up. Once you can’t go anymore, leave the car and walk towards the ocean.”

Armed with these instructions (however vague), we set off. The first time I passed the hotel, I blew past the “second road.” The Irishman had told me to turn there, but it was the narrowest of dirt paths so I dismissed it. I made a u-turn once I realized that I went too far and I finally decided to trust his judgment. Sure enough, we went down, down, down, down.

And then we went up, up, up, up. Right about the point that we thought we went too far, there was a spray painted sign that say we were headed the right way.

We drove until we couldn’t drive any more and then we left the car.

When I went to the backseat to unstrap Parker from his car seat, I noticed that he wasn’t wearing his shoes. In fact, his shoes were nowhere to be found. After much discussion we figured out that Parker left his shoes on the last beach we stopped at (we had been beach hopping on the way to the lagoon). What this meant was that the Irishman was going to have to carry Parker (who is up to 50 lbs. now) down the rocky path to the lagoon.

We had no clue how far of a walk it was, but it couldn’t be that far, right? Hahahaha. Right. So, off we went.

After a hundred yards or so, the path turned to rocks and was thankfully marked with spray painted arrows.

We walked for what felt like forever and all I could think about was that (1) our water was back at the car; and (2) we had t0 climb back up to get there.

Finally, the rocky path leveled out.

And just over the crest was the breathtaking sight of the lagoon. It was separated from the deep ocean by a flat piece of rock less than 3 feet across.

Every once and a while, a wave would crest over the rock into the lagoon, but for the most part the ocean was mostly calm.

Since I had my camera with me, the Irishman and I took turns swimming in the lagoon with Parker.

Since the sides of the lagoon were high, we had to hoist Parker onto the small stretch of rock that meets the ocean to get him up. Trust me, this was no small feat since we basically had to lift him while treading water.

We decided to get more adventurous and started jumping in from higher and higher. Here’s my oh so graceful entry.




It was a blast! Let’s take a closer look at my stellar form.

It looks like I’m practicing for the lagoon-diving Olympics. Ha! Parker joined me soon after.

As I was lifting him onto the rock near the ocean, we had a very scary moment. Just as he had put one foot on the rock, a huge wave came crashing over us. I was treading water for all I was worth as the ocean came down over my head so that I could hold him upright with one hand. I seriously had a death grip on him because all I could think of in that moment was the ocean sucking him out into the open water. When I opened my eyes, the Irishman was right there with wide eyes. He yelled, “Are you okay?” Once I assured him that I was fine, he picked Parker up and carried him to the side. Parker was completely unfazed. He trusts me implicitly and he later said that since I was holding him up, he wasn’t scared in the least. I am a much stronger swimmer than the Irishman and we both were so grateful that I was the one in the water with Parker when it happened since I had a much better chance of successfully fighting against the push of the wave.

I’m not going to lie, my legs were like Jello from the fright and it took me a moment to get myself out of the lagoon (I made the Irishman run back to get my camera since he had tossed it onto our towels as soon as he saw the wave).

After that, Parker and I were done with swimming. The Irishman wanted to do one final jump from the highest point before we left.

After that, we started the long walk back to the car.

Once we were safely back to the Jeep (and hydrated!), we took our first breath of relief. And then we went to retrieve Parker’s shoes from the previous swimming spot. On the drive back to our house, the Irishman and I agreed that now that we know how to get there and what to expect, it’s at the top of our “Must See” list for when our friends visit. Hopefully, we’ll continue to make it back in one piece time and time again.


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