We’re Back….Sort Of

The last week has been a complete blur. Between the 4 days of travel (2 by air and 2 by car) to get home, the jet lag that had us all up before 5am and being thrown back into work as soon as we got here…let’s just say that we’re all a little bit disappointed that we aren’t still sitting on a beach halfway around the world. Wait, is that a violin I hear in the background playing a sad tune? Never mind. Even so, I remind myself that the only reason we can appreciate the island life is because we run around like headless chicken on crack the rest of the time. While I’ve never seen a headless chicken on crack, I’m positive this is the correct analogy.

I have a ton more pictures to post of our trip, but I’m not going to lie, it’s getting pretty dang hard to get anything done around here. You wouldn’t believe how hard it is to edit pictures and get up a blog post when I have a mischievous little 14 month old running around wreaking havoc. She’s napping now (praise Jesus), but I have the unfortunate responsibility to actually work (can you believe it?) so I thought that I would post a quick update on the kids and get to editing pictures this weekend when I throw the kids at the Irishman and hide in my office for an hour of peace.

Let’s see, where to start. Let’s start with Parker, who is heading into kindergarten in August. To be honest, it hasn’t hit me yet that he’s going to a “real” school this year. We all know that I have a denial problem and this one runs deep because when I look at him, I still see him at about 3 years old, sweet as can be. I’m petrified that he’s going to pick up bad habits (which of course he will) and ask me questions that I’m not remotely prepared to talk about with him, but I guess that’s all part of growing up.

What I’m not worried about is whether he will get along well with his classmates or  like his teacher. Parker is one of those kids who can make a friend in any room he enters and he’s completely unanxious about it. In fact, he loves meeting new people, which I find totally bizarre because that, my dears, would be the exact opposite of my personality. Nothing makes my palms sweat quite like the idea of being put in a room with a stranger and being asked to make small talk. I think I’d rather get a root canal. But, alas, it’s a trait that I’m glad he has because it means I won’t have to drag him to things kicking and screaming and he won’t lock himself in his room reading for days on end. (Yeah, sorry about that mom!) I know that Parker will be find this coming year with his big switch and the good news is that I’ll be so busy chasing little miss sassy pants that I’ll probably forget to pull my hair out with worry.

Speaking of sassy pants, what can I say about little miss Lexi. That girl is feisty, strong-willed and full of mischief. She always has a cheeky grin on her face and if you take something away from her that she wants (but shouldn’t have), you’d better plug your ears because she really let’s you have it. She’s also a sweet little love bug (she kisses everyone and everything) and she’s incredibly bright. I am blown away by how quickly she learns things. She can (and will) imitate every little thing that you do, which has made us really mindful of everything that Parker does since she wants to be just like him.

As an aside, I don’t think I’ve mentioned this yet, but the child eats everything. Halle-freakin-luah!! Fish, sausage, vegetables, chips – if she can grab it, she will eat it. I pray that she keeps this up because having a picky eater for a child is exhausting at times. I adore Parker, but for the love of everything that is Holy, meal time drives me to drinking. Here’s to hoping he grows out of his food aversions.

First McDonald’s french fry at the Dusseldorf airport.

Back to Lexi – remember that pesky sleep thing that had me wringing my hands and hallucinating for months on end? She’s doing very well in that department. For the last 3 weeks or so, she’s been sleeping for a 6-8 hour stretch, drinking a bottle and sleeping for another 4 hours. The Irishman and I feel like new people. Sane people. Living, non-zombie like people. I know that I need to wean her from that night bottle, but I just want to relish in getting decent sleep for a month or so before forcing the issue. Plus, girlfriend is cutting her first molar and I know that the bottle is a comfort to her, so I figure she can keep a bad habit for a little bit longer.




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