Monkey See, Monkey Do

Lexi is the world’s best mimic. I’m sure this is probably true of most second children, but it blows my mind how she imitates every single thing that she sees. Of course, it’s most pronounced with Parker. She idolizes him. Whenever they’re in the room together, Lexi is trying to sit on him, kiss him and get his attention. Thankfully, Parker loves being the center of attention, so all of this baby love is (usually) welcome.

At the tender age of 14 months, she’s figured out that we all find it hysterical when she mimics a behavior that is beyond her years. Last week, she went into the bathroom and tried to brush her own teeth (with Parker’s toothbrush) and a couple of days ago, she went into the hallway and came back wearing Parker’s backpack.

Even though the backpack was empty, she was struggling under it’s bulk and we were laughing so hard that I couldn’t even steady the camera for a decent shot. Since Parker always wants to jump in on the action, we switched her to his smaller Thomas the Train backpack and he wore his “school” backpack. Oh and he had to change into his matching t-shirt, naturally. All suited up, we headed outside for some pictures.

With the spontaneous (and very random) photo shoot over, I told the kids to come on back inside. Parker told Lexi, “Just hold onto me sister, I won’t let you fall.”

And just like that, my heart melted. God, I love that boy.


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