And My New Rivet & Sway Frames are…

Street Smart! I had so much fun reading through your responses and Parker helped me keep a tally of which Rivet & Sway frames were in the lead.

Rockin’ my Street Smart frames in Cherry Bomb.

My glasses were ready less than one week after I placed my order (which was completely painless) and opening my package was like Christmas morning.

I’ll be honest with you, one of the things that I was afraid of when getting my glasses online was that my prescription would be wonky or the fit would be weird. I was so incredibly relieved that the Rivet & Sway technicians got it just right. I wore them right out of the box for a full day of sightseeing in New York City. Considering that I was a full-time contact lens wearer, that’s pretty dang awesome.

Their awesome branding.

The great thing about getting to keep the try-on frames for three days before having to send them back was that I actually got to wear them around the house for hours (while wearing my contacts) to see if there was any discomfort or any distortion in my line of sight due to the shape/thickness of the frames. Nothing bums me out more than shelling out hundreds of dollars for glasses only to find that I hate wearing them.

I’ve only had my Rivet & Sway glasses for a little over a week and I’ve already worn them for three full days in lieu of my contacts. My optometrist will be so proud of me since he’s always on my case about wearing contacts 24/7, year after year.

Finally, I’m not going to lie, my cherry red frames make me feel kind of hip. Cool. Edgy. As a mom in my mid-30s, I love when glasses can be a great accessory instead of just a nerdy necessity. 

My goofy face because, you know, you might not have recognized my ‘normal’ face.

As a big, fat thank you to all of my readers for helping me choose my new frames, Rivet & Sway is extending 20% off until August 26th. Every single pair of glasses they sell is $199, period. That includes the frame, ultra-thin and lightweight high-index prescription lens, scratch resistant and glare-free coating and the 2 day FexEx shipping is free.

They also have a 60-day no questions asked return policy with free shipping on all the back and forth. Whether your toddler breaks the glasses or you’ve just changed your mind, it’s all covered under their return policy.

In other words, you have nothing to lose! So, if you’re in the market for new glasses, head on over to Rivet & Sway and take a peek at their frames, which are all seriously cool. I promise that you’ll find 3 that you’ll love and want to try on.

Here’s the 20% off code (expires 8/26): CWHOUB19215963


Disclaimer: The great folks at Rivet & Sway provided me with a pair of eyeglasses of my choice. No monetary compensation was made and all opinions in this post are entirely my own. 


3 thoughts on “And My New Rivet & Sway Frames are…

  1. John Lusk August 17, 2012 / 11:02 am

    Thanks so much for commenting on your Rivet & Sway experience. We love getting feedback and are continuously working to improve the process…including getting Rx order to women even faster than 6 days! Glad you’re enjoying your Street Smarts. They look great!

    Rivet & Sway CEO

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