Two Months Ago…

As I was going through the pictures on my camera, I stumbled upon some photos from our last days in Greece at the end of June. Even though the trip was only two months ago, I was hit immediately with a sense of longing to hop on a plane and go back to where our days were simple and relaxing (not hectic and rushed).

Our last family trip to the beach.

Our biggest concern each morning was whether the weather was beach-worthy and after a quick breakfast, we’d change into our bathing suits and hop in the Jeep. On our way down the mountain, we’d pass by the neighbor’s herd of sheep with our windows rolled down and the Phineas and Ferb soundtrack cranked up (the children are responsible for our choice of music, naturally).


We’d spend the next handful of hours playing in the water and on the sand, enjoying the breezy weather and looking forward to lunch and naps.

While I’m so grateful that we had a month of this delicious solitude, somehow it never feels like enough. I need to find a way to capture that “slowed-down feeling” during the other 11 months of our lives because right now, all I see is an endless string of appointments and must-dos.


Still Wishing It Was Summer Break




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