A Beauty Product That I Love

I’m normally a morning shower kind of person. Outside of my morning gallon of coffee, it helps me wake up and shift my day into high gear. Lately though, I’ve found my mornings are crazy rushed (since I leave the house around 7:20 to drop Parker off of school) and I end up looking and feeling frazzled and harassed. As an aside, I’m fully aware that this is the default feeling for parents who have to get their kids off to school every weekday morning.

To minimize the morning rush, I toyed with the idea of shifting my shower to the night before. The only thing stopping me was the dreaded flat and funky ‘second-day’ hair that I always seem to get upon waking. Since I need to look more or less professional at work, I wasn’t sure how to pull off the night-before shower without looking marginally homeless (nothing against homeless people, naturally).

Alas, a solution came to me accidentally. Doesn’t it always? Months ago, my mom’s stylist recommended Aveeno’s Nourish + Moisture Shampoo as a stand alone product.  That is, to be used by itself and NOT followed by conditioner. I was baffled by this advice since my hair is generally unruly and tends towards the frizzy, but when I was in Greece (and I forgot my own hair products), I used my mom’s Aveeno shampoo without conditioner. I ended up loving it and when I got back from Greece, I bought my own and had been using it daily (and only conditioning when the mood struck me).

And here’s what I noticed – when I washed my hair with just the Aveeno shampoo at night  (and then styled it like I normally do), I woke up with perfect looking hair. Seriously, I didn’t even need to brush it in the morning. Crazy, right? But, on the nights when I followed shampooing with conditioner, I woke up with weird wrinkles in my hair and greasy bangs.

This week, I’ve defaulted to washing my hair at night and saving myself the 45 minutes that it was taking me for my morning shower and hair drying/straightening routine. Plus, taking a shower after the kids are in bed without needing to rush is such a nice change to the Olympic sprint that had come to characterize my morning routine. It’s so nice not to spend the mornings fussing with my hair and while I’m not getting any more sleep out of the deal, I am feel far less rushed and so far this week, I’ve been getting out of the door with plenty of time to spare.

Since so many of you are busy bees also, I thought I would share the tip in case you found yourselves in the same predicament. While I realize that cute hair is definitely a “first world problem,” I always feel better when I look put together.

**disclaimer: Aveeno has no idea who I am. I just happened to love their product and wanted to pass that on to you all. That’s all!




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