My “Spin On Cancer” – I Need Your Help!

Cancer. It’s a word filled with pain, fear and dread. Cancer changes lives and sometimes, it takes lives. Every single person I know has in some way been personally affected by this horrible disease or knows someone who has. I’ve had a number of friends and family who have lost their fight against cancer, but I also have friends and family members that have received early diagnosis, great treatment and care and have emerged as survivors on the other side of their ordeal.

Cancer. It just flat out sucks. The good news, however, is that new treatment options are being developed every day that will hopefully one day put every single cancer victim into the survivor category. So, here’s where you and I come in. My brother, fueled by frustration and anger at losing friends to cancer, founded a charity. A bit of back story – in Dean’s former life, he used to be a DJ (random, I know). While he eventually moved on from his DJ days, he had a huge collection of vinyl records taking up space in his house and one day, he had an epiphany – why not sell his vinyl for a good cause? Why not make that good cause the Florida Hospital Cancer Institute? And so, Spin On Cancer was born.

Motivated by his charity, I wanted to get involved, too. Here’s my “Spin” On Cancer:

Do you remember a couple of months ago when I entered a blog contest to win a trip to attend the Brandcation Event in Pigeon Forge, Tennesee? Well, I won (YAY!) and my charity bike ride is a go! On October 4th, I will be riding my bike over the Smoky Mountains from North Carolina to Pigeon Forge, Tennessee (*gulp*) and I need your help! The ride is almost 40 miles of climbing over mountainous terrain and I need all of the motivation in the world to make it over. Please click on the link below and consider donating to the Florida Hospital Cancer Institute through my fundraising page. The Florida Hospital Foundation  is a non-profit, community benefit hospital and one hundred percent of your gift will be applied to the Florida Hospital Cancer Institute.

Every single donation is greatly appreciated, no matter how big or small. Also, please feel free to share the charity link with your friends and family! Thanks so much for your support and I’ll be sure to document my journey over the Smokies. It’s going to be EPIC.


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